Instagram statistics you should know as a marketer or business in 2020

  1. It’s 2020, which means Instagram is now officially celebrating double digits. That’s right—Instagram came around in 2010, so this platform is now 10 years old. Did anyone know whatInstagram would become? Probably not. But are most marketers aware of it’s power now?Absolutely.Instagram has been a game-changer for businesses, influencers, social media managers andcontent creators. Going into its tenth anniversary, it’s a good time to recap on top Instagramstatistics. Curious? Read along for the highlights (believe us, there are a LOT of numbers aboutInstagram growth, so we trimmed it down so you’d get the big ones).Instagram Active UsersFor a lot of apps, one of the most telling success metrics is the number of active users. It’s onething for someone to express interest or sign up, but to stay active? That means you pulledthem in and kept them around.As of 2020, Instagram stands at approximately 1 billion monthly active users. That’s about 37%of U.S. adults who have an Instagram account.Impact of Age
  2. Because social media is relatively new, we hear a lot about age demographic being a keyingredient in targeting your message. If your audience is predominantly made up of millennials,Instagram or Twitter are great ways to reach them. On the flip side, a target audience of folkswho are over the age of 60 may call for more traditional messaging—direct mail, phone calls,email, etc.About 50% of Instagram users are under the age of 34 years old, globally. Imagine a hugecurve, with most users between the ages of 16 and 34. We see a significant drop after 34, andthe trajectory continues downward from there. When we get to the eldest age group (anyonewho is olderthan 66), we see very few users—less than 3% of the population.Time Spent on the App
  3. We’re all guilty of extended scrolls and late-night stalking sessions. You know, the ones whereyou think you’re going on Instagram for 10 minutes, only to find yourself sucked into a vortex ofendless taps and scrolls for hours.Marketers find it helpful to knowhow long their consumers are spending on Instagramso theycan understand the sheer power of it. Because on average, Instagram users spend about 53minutes a day on Instagram. That’s 6-7 hours a week!International Instagram UsageInstagram is a global social media platform, and whether or not your business is internationaldoesn’t really matter. What matters is that you’re utilizing Instagram to boost brand awarenessfor your business, and that includes inside and outside of the U.S.So here’s the crazy thing:most of Instagram’s users are outside of the U.S.—89%, in fact. Thetop 3 countries are:Brazil, with 70 million Instagram usersIndia, with 69 million usersIndonesia, with 59 million usersKeep this in mind while you’re creating your content strategy because you may want to factor incurrent events and attributes of these countries.Gender
  4. A common misconception is that Instagram users are predominantly female. Why? We’re notsure because it’s actually split pretty evenly between men and women. 52% of Instagram usersare women, and 48% are men.That said, we can’t say that they use their Instagram profiles as regularly. On average, womenuse Instagram about 12% more than men do. Does this impact your marketingplan? Possibly,but your social media plan really shouldn’t be segmented by gender. You may segment youremail messaging by gender, or you may segment your social messaging by age—but usuallyyour social media should be gender agnostic.What’s the next statistic? We think it starts with you and your 100% bulletproof marketingcampaign this year. Keep up the great work and don’t forget to seek help and resources whenyou need an extra hand (we’ve got you covered!).